Advancing AI in Research

The EPFL AI Center spearheads strategic initiatives and research challenges in AI, hosting large-scale projects in collaboration with diverse partners.

The hub for artificial intelligence at EPFL

Our objective is to cultivate a collaborative environment that encourages multidisciplinary engagement in AI research and its real-world applications. With more than 60 professors committed to AI and machine learning research, EPFL is at the forefront of exploring the profound impacts of modern AI across various sectors, including health, science, and human interaction, through the development of robust, explainable, and ethical AI.

In that sense, the EPFL AI Center is the home for large-scale AI research initiatives (e.g., Swiss AI), and multi-labs AI collaborations with privileged partners at EPFL.

Research areas

The research portfolio of the EPFL AI Center covers:

  • Machine Learning fundamentals,
  • State-of-the-art methods and algorithms,
  • Novel applications in strategic domains. (e.g., sustainability, health, science, robotics, responsible AI, education, robotics).

More detailed information on research areas coming soon.

Furthermore, the EPFL AI Center is hosting the Lausanne EPFL ELLIS Unit (European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems), a pan-European AI network of excellence which focuses on fundamental science, technical innovation and societal impact.  


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